Monday, October 29, 2012

My Top Blog Posts

It's official. This blog has had over 10,000 pageviews as of this morning! I promise those were not all me (or my mom). That's encouraging to me because somebody, apparently, likes what I write.

So, with that in mind, I thought I would revisit some of my most popular posts. Here are my ten most-viewed posts of all time. If you missed them, check them out.

#1: The Art of Writing Love Notes
This is by far the most popular post. Maybe it's the catchy title. Maybe it's the fact that I've linked it up all over the place. Anyway, this one seems to be everyone's favorite. This post has tips and examples of how to write a love note for your spouse and help keep your marriage close.

#2: Opposite Sex Friendships After Marriage: How to Guard Your Heart
In spite of the fact that this one is pretty recent, it comes in at second place. It deals with keeping emotional intimacy for marriage and being careful not to let opposite sex friendships become inappropriately intimate.

#3: How To Settle Disagreements Without Arguing
Is anyone seeing a pattern here with the most popular posts? I sure am. Maybe it's because I link up with a lot of marriage blogs, but the marriage and relationship posts are usually the most popular. This one talks about the plan my husband and I developed to handle disagreements and avoid arguments. It works too, because we still haven't had an argument!

#4: Cohabitation is NOT Practice for Marriage
This post gives reasons why cohabitation is not practice for marriage and why it does not lead to strong marriages. Many people think cohabitation is a practical solution, but cohabitation before marriage is not a good idea and this post will give you practical reasons why.

#5: Items to Discuss Before Engagement
Here you can find some questions to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend during or before dating to determine if you are compatible for marriage. I highly recommend that couples answer these questions before becoming engaged.

#6: Sunday School Fairy Tales (or Why the Bible Should Be Taught as History)
This one is about the way the Bible is often taught in churches, sunday school classes, Christian schools, picture Bibles, and even in Christian homes. In many cases, the Bible is taught as "Bible stories" - as if it were analogous to fairy tales told at bedtime. In some cases, this leads to an inaccurate view of the Bible that can persist into adulthood and can even cause people to reject the Bible due to this erroneous view. Here I advocate for teaching children a more rigorous view of the Bible as true history, not a series of cute moral lessons.

#7: Characteristics of a Biblical Dating Relationship
This is the beginning of a series on Biblical dating (which isn't finished yet...but it will be, just as soon as I get around to it). This one gives a list of characteristics that are found in a Biblical dating relationship. Be sure to read all the posts in the series (which are linked on this one).

#8: A Biblical View of Alcohol
This post is a discussion of what the Bible has to say about alcohol with a little bit of insight added from a look at the original words for wine used in the Bible. This one is likely popular, at least in part, because this topic tends to be controversial.

#9: Biblical Dating: Intentional
This one of the posts in the Biblical Dating series mentioned above. It talks about how dating should have a clear goal of determining whether or not two people should get married and gives tips on how to put that goal into practice in a dating relationship.

#10: Being on the Same Team
This was my very first marriage post and it remains a favorite. In it, I talk about how a husband and wife must see themselves as teammates rather than opponents in order to keep their marriage strong.

The other two main categories of blog posts I have written are political posts and recipes. Since none of those showed up in the top ten, I'll list a few of the best in those categories as well.

My top three recipes are:

#1: Homemade Pizza
This one is an easy recipe for homemade pizza that is better than takeout. Seriously.

#2: Chicken Pie
If you've ever wondered what to do with leftover chicken, wonder no longer. This recipe is so easy and delicious to make and kids love it.

#3: Lemon Pepper Chicken Strips - A Quick and Easy Meal
 This is one of my husband's favorite chicken dishes and it contains no breading, so it's gluten free. It takes only 20 minutes to make too, so it's something I can do last minute when I don't know what else to have for supper. This post also includes a bonus recipe for my flavored mashed potatoes.

If you like these quick and tasty recipes, take a look at the rest of them (just click on the recipes label on the left hand side of the page). 

As for political posts, I have a variety of posts on political topics, mainly dealing with principles, rather than specifics. Here are the top four posts in this category:

#1: Inalienable Rights - Part 1: What Are Inalienable Rights?
This is the first post in the Inalienable Rights series (and my first post ever). The series serves as an introduction to the concept of inalienable rights, which is one of the most important foundational principles for this country. The United States is unique in that we have a government that recognizes and protects the inalienable rights of the people and thus limits itself and leaves the people free. The concept of inalienable rights is one that is vitally important in understanding American government. Unfortunately, very few schools (really, none that I know of) teach this concept thoroughly enough. This particular post introduces the concept of inalienable rights, including what they are and how they are different from alienable rights.

#2: Inalienable Rights - Part 2: The Source of Inalienable Rights
This is the second post in the Inalienable Rights series and explains where inalienable rights come from. It sets forth a rationale for humans as created by a Creator, who retains rights to His creation. We humans thus have no right to destroy or harm God's property, including ourselves. It also explains how inalienable rights cannot exist unless God exists. While you're at it, read the rest of the series to see how the protection of inalienable rights forms the basis for government and its legitimate powers.

#3: Why Prostitution Should Not Be Legal
In this post I use the concept of inalienable rights to determine what should and should not be legal. Since government's highest purpose is the protection of inalienable rights, those behaviors which violate inalienable rights must be made illegal in a legitimate government. This particular post deals with the issue of prostitution, showing how it violates inalienable rights and thus should be illegal. However, it is also an example of how the concept of inalienable rights can be used as an objective basis for determining what government should and should not allow.

#4: Voting for the "Lesser of Two Evils"
This post is recent and quite relevant with the election coming up in just a few days. If you are a conservative Christian thinking of voting third-party, please read this post first. It explains why voting for a third-party is ineffective and why it is better to vote for the "lesser evil" this time around since the practical result is to get less evil in our country (and we all want less evil, don't we?).

So, those are the most popular posts so far. What kinds of posts would you like to see in the future? Comment below to give suggestions of improvements and other topics you would like me to write about or just to give your thoughts on this blog as a whole. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I have saved this to my pocket so I can absolutely spend some time getting through all of these. What a great idea!! Congrats on the numbers!!

  2. Lindsay, I'm so glad I found your page and I'm reading through these articles. I really enjoy your honest and fresh approach to the topics you discuss and the Biblical worldview is so essential in today's culture. Can't wait to read more on your blog. God's blessings!