Thursday, March 29, 2012

E-Sword – A Handy Bible Software

One resource which I recommend for Bible study is E-Sword. It has an easy-to-use format I’ve found helpful in making Bible study easier. It makes it much quicker and easier to find verses and passages for personal Bible study or for preparing sunday school or homeschool Bible lessons.

And best of all, it’s FREE!

The E-Sword download comes with the King James Version and King James with Strong’s numbers. However, you can download multiple other Bible versions for it (many for free and some for a cost). You can download commentaries and dictionaries as well.

Of course, you can simply read the text on screen, but there are a number of other features that make Bible study easier:

·         Its handy search feature allows you to search for words or phrases, which is very helpful in doing a topical study or when you can’t remember where a particular verse is.

·         There a couple of options for comparing different translations. The compare tab allows you to compare a verse between multiple Bible versions. The parallel tab, on the other hand, places chapters from different versions in parallel so that you can compare larger amounts of scripture at once. 

·         You can also make notes on various verses or passages right in the program and save them. This is similar to writing in the margins in your Bible, but without having to worry about making anything hard to read. 

·         In addition, you can have various windows open on the same screen so that in one you view the Scripture, in another view commentary on that passage, in another view Strong’s numbers and their meanings, and in another make your own notes. Each window can also be moved around the screen and the size can be modified.

To download E-Sword for free, click here.

Note: I am not affiliated with E-Sword or its creator in any way and do not receive any money for my recommendations. I simply like to share things that have been helpful to me.


  1. Another way of using this software WITHOUT downloading it to your computer is to use the online version.
    You can have many of the features of software without putting a lot of software on you computer. For all the bells and whistles you do need to download it to your machine.

  2. My husband and I use this. We love it. I think it's a handy little tool, but he uses it CONSTANTLY! It's on his laptop, desktop, tablet - everything! He recommends it to EVERYONE. I think downloading E-sword on the electronic device of almost everyone that we've ever met is his own type of ministry :-)

  3. Do you still use this? And do you have any phone apps you can recommend? Thanks! -Amanda Grace

    1. Yes, I still use e-sword on my computer. I don't really use a Bible phone app.