Monday, August 10, 2015

For the Trump Supporters

For those defending Trump, I fully realize that the gender card is overplayed and I hate that so many people use the "war on women" nonsense to criticize pro-lifers and republicans. I'm opposed to political correctness. I'm opposed to apologizing every time someone gets offended. I'm opposed to the cowardly and shameful use of slogans and euphemisms instead of articulate, factual arguments that is so prevalent among liberals and even many supposed conservatives. I'm sick of it too. Boy, am I sick of it!

However, there are people who do actually show real disrespect toward others, who run roughshod over everyone who disagrees with them, who are crass and rude and vulgar, who are self-serving and self-absorbed. We used to call people like this boors. It's a useful word. It ought not to be used where it doesn't fit and it ought not to be used against people we merely disagree with. However, there are times when it does actually fit. Donald Trump is a prime example.

In our distaste for political correctness and spin and tiptoeing around the issues, let's not go to the other extreme of accepting and applauding boorish behavior. In our search for truth and honesty, let us not excuse those who "speak their minds" in a hurtful and demeaning way that is simply not necessary or praiseworthy. It is quite possible to speak truth with kindness and tact and boldness too. Let's support people who do that, even if they don't get quite as much of the spotlight for doing it.

Of course, all that assumes that Donald Trump IS speaking truth. That is true in a couple cases. However, more often it is not. Trump has taken just about every position there is at some point in time, so he's bound to have said a couple things that were correct once or twice. Let's not get too excited that someone who changes positions so frequently actually hit on the right answer a couple of times. That's not really such an accomplishment. Guessing will get you a few right answers, but it doesn't mean you'll pass the test. And when it comes to showing consistency, integrity, and an understanding of conservative principles, Trump fails miserably.

So don't fall for the hype and the hair and the showboating. Don't pick a candidate on style over substance, as the Obama voters did. Evaluate candidates on their proven record, their consistency, and their principles, not on their ability to sling insults and not back down. It's better for our country and our children if you pick a candidate with your brain and not your emotions.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. And, for the record, I give you my solemn oath I won't fall for the hair.

  2. Usually people do change over time in an incremental way concerning their basic beliefs. I have changed over time some of the things I thought I once believed. As I have done more research, I have found the folly of some of my views and hopefully I am on a better pathway overall. BUT Trump has been all over the map his entire life. He says he is not a politician but as a businessman, he has done a lot of politicing. I can see how our nation could use an ethical businessman to run the office of President but not an unscrupulous, arrogant egotist. The attraction now according to polls seems to be that the American public is fed up with business as usual whether *bushesque* or *obamesque*. Trump has sensed his time and is using it to his benefit. He certainly doesn't need the Presidential paycheck. He is attracted to the power of the POTUS position. It is one thing he does not have that he probably can't buy. Well...maybe not. So he flaunts his arrogance and a good number of people like his style if not his substance (which after all he does not have). This is very early in the election process and hopefully a lot of things will come out that will help solidify a good candidate that will actually lead with good principles. Maybe...just maybe....Trump could be a catalyst for a good candidate with good principles to be emboldened to actually stand up for what is right. The danger is that Trump's true followers may be able to be bartered off to the highest bidder and we end up with another bad 4 years. Bottom line: Christians! We need to pray very hard.

  3. I hear you, but I also wouldn't vote for extreme conservatism either. Ted Cruze and Huckabee give me a bit of concern based on things they've said in the other extreme. Unfortunately there is no perfect candidate and neither major party cares for anything but winning anyway. This time we will have plenty of options, but still no ideal candidate. And if people go solo and run independent it will make it even worse. This election will be interesting.

    1. "Extreme conservatism" is just getting back to the founding principles of this country.