Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Marriage is Like a House

In my last post, I explained the importance of women as supporters of their husbands and in caring for the home and children. To explain the roles of husband and wife further, here is an analogy.

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A marriage is like a house. The wife is the walls and the husband is the roof. Which one is more important? Neither. A house without a roof is useless. A house without walls isn’t a house. They are equally important. Both are necessary to the design and each has their role in creating the house and in making it effective at its purpose. But their roles are not the same.

The husband is like the roof because the primary purpose of a house is to have “a roof over your head.” There’s a reason people use that saying. In the same way, it is the husband’s responsibility to set the overall goal or purpose for the family and carry it out.

A roof is also necessary for protection from wind and rain and falling objects. In the same way, a husband’s role is that of protector for his family. His job is to keep outside forces that may harm his family – whether physically or spiritually – away from his wife and children.

The wife is like the walls. The primary purpose of the walls is to hold up the roof. In the same way, a wife’s primary role is to support her husband. Without the support of the walls, the roof will collapse and fail to provide protection. A roof that is not supported cannot carry out the purpose of the house. Similarly, the wife needs to support her husband so that he can carry out the goals of the family.

A wife is also like the walls of a house because intact walls are necessary to having a warm and inviting home. If one were to have a roof barely supported by pillars, but with no intact walls, it would be very cold and comfortless. A wife in the home is necessary to having the kind of environment that is inviting, warm, and allows a husband to recharge his energy for completing his tasks.

So while husbands and wives do not have the same roles, they are equally necessary. In a good marriage, a husband and wife use their different strengths to work together for the purpose of building a home that is strong, intact, and effective at its purpose.


  1. Awesome! great analogy

  2. "A wife in the home is necessary to having the kind of environment that is inviting, warm, and allows a husband to recharge his energy for completing his tasks."

    Perhaps this is news to you, but some people have successful same-sex relationships. You are narrow-mindedly shoving people into homophobic, gender-defined roles based on assumptions no where near reality.

    1. People with psycho-sexual disorders need treatment, not encouragement to embrace their damaged psyche. Why do you insist on encouraging them to embrace their psycho-sexual disassociation instead of getting treatment for their issues.

    2. I'm talking about marriage here. Marriage is a permanent, exclusive, comprehensive union between two sexually complementary individuals (i.e. one man and one woman). There are all kinds of other sexual relationships that people engage in, but only one has these features.

  3. This is so precious, I love it, thank you for sharing Lindsay. Beautiful, I am going to share it with my precious Hubby!!

  4. Great post, Lindsay. Well said.

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