Friday, June 1, 2012

No Crust Pumpkin Pie

I make this pumpkin pie year round. It’s probably the easiest pie recipe I have, and it tastes great! My husband loves it (he’s not a fan of piecrusts anyway) and I get compliments at church dinners when I bring this. There’s no crust to worry about. Just mix the ingredients, pour in a pie plate, and bake. It’s the same recipe often known as “Impossible Pumpkin Pie” that supposedly makes its own crust (with a little bit different spice mixture). It doesn’t make a crust, it just gets firm enough not to need one.

1 (15 oz) can pumpkin
1 (12 oz) can evaporated milk
2 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup baking mix (e.g. Bisquick)
2 tablespoons butter, melted
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2-1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Mix all ingredients until well blended (you can do this with a mixer or in a blender). Pour into a greased 9-inch pie plate. Bake at 350F for 50-55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Serve with ice cream or whipped cream (or both).

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  1. Oh, oh, oh! I HAVE to try this! I love pumpkin pie! I always have to avoid eating the crust (though, truth to tell, I love it!) This is absolutely perfect! I'm trying it tonight. I'll let you know . . . Thank you for sharing on NOBH!